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Invest in Baro and share in the mission of collaborating in the transformation of society’s mobility systems!

Baro Vehicles Ltd continues to grow rapidly to place a vehicle with autonomous level 3 features and zero emissions in the compact vehicle market. We are presenting ourselves in the future of mobility, namely, compact vehicles that are autonomous, interconnected, smarter and safer. The company is only a few weeks away from finishing [...]

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BARO Challenge: Reshape the car in the people brain

BARO Vehicles is a technological self-driving company founded in September 2015 and since January 2017 we are in Mira Technology Park. We design connected & autonomous compact vehicles. We are introducing ourselves into the future of mobility, Sustainable compact vehicles Self driving. Connected together ... Smarter and safer Our vision is to be a [...]

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Report May – Jun 2017

Dear Investor at BARO VEHICLES LTD, we present the progress report for the months of May – June: TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT In this report, you will find a complete progress report that includes the progress of the first phase completed in January 2017. As for the mechanical and industrial design, we have already completed the [...]

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Report March-April 2017

Dear Investor of BARO VEHICLES LTD, we present the progress report for the months of March and April. TECHNOLOGICAL VALIDATION PROTOTYPE We continue to receive parts, tools and equipment to start the assembly process of the BARO ONE Golf Car Prototype II. TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT We continue with the development of the autonomous system. In [...]

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Baro Vehicles is already working on its new workshop at MIRA

Thursday, April 6, 2017, Warwickshire, United Kingdom: Baro Vehicles Ltd is already fully working on the new workshop at MIRA Technology Park, Europe's leading automotive technology park and Enterprise Zone. The new Baro Vehicles Ltd workshop is located alongside well-known brands like Bentley, Jaguar or Aston Martin. The company has selected this strategic location [...]

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Report February 2017

Informe de avances de Febrero 2017 Inversor de BARO VEHICLES LTD le presentamos el informe de avances de Febrero 2017 PROTOTIPO DE VALIDACIÓN TECNOLÓGICA En las últimas semanas se han estado recibiendo partes, herramientas y equipamiento para poner en marcha la etapa final del proceso de ensamblado del Prototipo II del BARO ONE Golf [...]

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BARO Vehicles has began manufacturing the second prototype of your golf car BARO ONE

Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Warwickshire, UK: BARO Vehicles has begun manufacturing BARO ONE Golf Car Prototype II at the R & D and Pre-series Plant at Mira Technology Park. The company has added VCS Manufacturing Ltd. as a supplier for the new chassis, which includes some design improvements that make it lighter. BARO Vehicles [...]

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Report January 2017

Estimado Inversor de BARO VEHICLES LTD: Le presentamos el informe de avances de Enero 2017 BOARD DE DIRECCION El Board de Dirección ha estado trabajando en las diferentes estrategias de financiamiento y comunicación. Se continúa con la ejecución del plan de negocio y la estructuración de la administración de la cadena de suministros. El [...]

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