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Invest in Baro. Invest in the autonomous vehicles industry

If you are interested in investing in Baro Vehicles Ltd please complete the form and we will contact you.


Special: £ 100,000: Beta Testing Ambassador User:

If you are from the UK and make an investment of £ 100,000, you can choose to become a BARO brand ambassador user and have one of the first 20 vehicles. Baro Vehicles Ltd will retain ownership of these first 20 vehicles but you can make use of the vehicle throughout your life. These vehicles will be the first to access the autonomous system updates and you will be able to test it before anyone else.

Main Office: Watling Street, Nuneaton , Warwickshire, CV10 0TU
Phone: +44 247635 8011

We are introducing ourselves into the future of mobility

namely compact  vehicles that are self-driving, interconnected, smarter and safer !

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