BARO Vehicles is a technological self-driving company founded in September 2015 and since January 2017 we are in Mira Technology Park.

We design connected & autonomous compact vehicles.

We are introducing ourselves into the future of mobility, Sustainable compact vehicles Self driving. Connected together … Smarter and safer

Our vision is to be a company that manufactures intelligent robots to transport people and goods.

The main problem that we address is the need for a safer mode of transport and save time.

At present the greatest number of deaths in road accidents are due to human error.

BARO Challenge: Reshape the car in the people brain

In order to reach level 5 of autonomy, not only we need does it take time to train the autonomous system, it is also necessary for society to trust in the autonomous system, to rely on the new expert system. As well as in the beginning of the history of the automobile had to believe on an engine instead of a pair of horses. For that, the way of driving gradually must change, and it must gradually leave control, as it happens nowadays with the automatic or the cruise control.

We believe that the first thing we must do is remove the steering wheel from its traditional position. In our car a 12″Inch Tablet to be the more important device to interact with the car.

Our first product is a compact electric car for private use with the comfort and technology of high-end vehicles.

BARO One has an on-board computer with Level 3 autonomous capabilities, this is conditional autonomy. But the real disruptive element in our product is the transformation of the car shape.

The first vehicle without steering wheel

BARO ONE is the first vehicle in the market to be manufactured without a steering wheel; it has an exclusive steering system and electronic drive by wire control.

As an auxiliary control system, BARO ONE has a comfortable joystick for manual driving that replaces the old steering wheel, revolutionizing the traditional concept of controlling a car.

A car without steering wheel, only a Joystick to feel the sensation to have the control

A fully electric and self-driving car

The technology placed in BARO ONE enables Level 3 autonomy, which means that it can operate without any driver involvement. It includes both an autopilot and an auxiliary joystick for manual driving. The dashboard also features a 12″ digital display that provides vehicle information (e.g. battery charge) as well as access to all driving modes.

The Artificial Intelligence software was developed by us and have Artificial Vision to detect objects and signals in the path

In autonomous mode, the Tablet allows the driver to select either a pre-determined destination or a specific point within the zone configured on the map. It also controls the vehicle functions, such as lighting – it is the visible face of the autonomous driver.

In manual mode, the Tablet is the co-pilot. It alerts the driver to potentially dangerous situations, such as driving towards a prohibited area. It also displays the distance to objects to help the driver anticipate a manoeuvre.

BARO is an electric car, low carbon emission and have 2 solar panels which allows it to reach approximately 60km of autonomy.


BARO ONE is perfect for golf courses, private resorts, industrial parks, factory complexes or any other environment which features a boundary.

Product development

We will develop and introduce three new fully electric self-driving cars over the next five years: an open compact car for private use, an enclosed compact car with Level 3 of autonomy and a street-legal sports roadster, Level 4. The next stage is the Level 5.

Our Next Step – Level 5 Automation

For the street legal compact car version, the main market is Asia and the big cities with problems of traffic congestion and whose design hinders or does not allow the transit of big vehicles, like the most common tourist cities of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Our Team

Baro Vehicles Ltd has today (November 2017) more than 15 people working in different areas: engineering of autonomous software development, vehicle design, mechanical design, electronics design, marketing, design of the mass production plant and of course commercial, management and finance positions.

Now, get in touch

If you want to know more about our project or collaborate with us in this stage of search for investors, you can communicate with us through the contact page or the social networks.