A high technology compact vehicle with Level 3 autonomy

High tech golf car – Limited Edition

BARO ONE is a high tech golf car specifically designed to transport people in private spaces such as university campuses, business parks and golf courses. Using sophisticated engineering, BARO ONE offers unprecedented levels of technology, comfort and design.

4 Senses

The autonomous system of BARO is based on four senses: artificial vision, ultrasonic sensors, laser LiDar and GPS. The four senses control different aspects of the vehicle. Firstly, they plan the route using GPS. Then they avoid obstacles by means of laser radar and are assisted by ultrasonic sensors when the vehicle stops and parks.

The vision system enables the detection of objects in front of the vehicle, and local map updates are provided automatically as the BARO ONE is always connected.

A car without a steering wheel

BARO ONE is the first vehicle to be manufactured without a steering wheel; it has an exclusive steering system and electronic drive by wire control.

As an auxiliary control system, BARO ONE has a joystick for manual driving that replaces the old steering wheel, revolutionising the traditional concept of controlling a car. The joystick commands acceleration, braking, stopping and turning.

Advanced suspension

BARO ONE has a sophisticated double wishbone front suspension, a configuration that is usually found in high-end sports or racing cars.

The rear suspension has trailing arms, coil springs and a Panhard rod, as used on rear-drive passenger cars with rigid axles, such as the Volvo 940. It is decades ahead of the leaf spring suspension of traditional golf buggies.

Advanced Design

The flowing organic styling, with its panoramic windscreen, signifies that BARO ONE brings a new level of design quality to this type of vehicle. The passenger compartment provides optimum space and comfort.

The chassis uses the principles of advanced car design. The front suspension is by double wishbones and coil springs, a layout shared with big manufacturers such as Jaguar and Maserati. The rear transmission comes from Graziano, the Italian company best known for supplying gearboxes and transaxles to Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Leading edge technology

The technology placed in BARO ONE enables Level 3 autonomy, which means that it can operate without any driver involvement. It includes both an autopilot and an auxiliary joystick for manual driving.

The dashboard also features a 12″ digital display that provides vehicle information (e.g. battery charge) as well as access to all driving modes. In autonomous mode, the Tablet allows the driver to select either a pre-determined destination or a specific point within the zone configured on the map. It also controls the vehicle functions, such as lighting – it is the visible face of the autonomous driver.

In manual mode, the Tablet is the co-pilot. It alerts the driver to potentially dangerous situations, such as driving towards a prohibited area. It also displays the distance to objects to help the driver anticipate a manoeuvre.

BARO ONE’s level 3 autonomy powered by our Jetson Xavier NX carrier board, our LITA carrier, enables drivers and passengers to follow a predetermined route, avoiding any prohibited or dangerous areas.

The hardware consists of cameras and sensors that detect other vehicles, pedestrians and any obstacles on the road. The hardware array is controlled by highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software to interpret the information and prevent accidents.

The autonomy of the BARO ONE, called conditional autonomy, can control the vehicle but enables the driver to intervene at any time through the auxiliary joystick.


BARO ONE Modular Platform

BARO ONE is perfect for golf courses, airports, private resorts, industrial parks, factory complexes or any other environment which features a boundary.


  • Golf Car 2Seats
  • Security
  • 4Seats


  • BARO Brain Main Computer (NVIDIA Module)


  • CAN-FD with encryption 5 mbits and compatible CANBUS with 1 Mbit/s
  • BUS Ethernet Gigabit


  • 3 Cameras FLIR with SONY sensor
  • 2 Radar operating at 68-71 gigahertz in front and rear connected by CAN-FD
  • Optional LiDar 16/32 Beams with 360-degree coverage from ROBOSENSE
  • GPS Ublox and IMU

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • Joystick connected with CANBUS
  • Tablet 12” with graphical software to show how the car is receiving the information


  • BARO Drive-by-wire system with CAN-FD interface and steering angle sensor
  • Digital Pedals to control the accelerator and brake with CAN-FD Interface and speed sensor
  • Lights controller with CAN-FD Interface


  • Overall length: 2,597 mm
  • Overall width: 1,245 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,965 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 130 mm

Power Supply / Drive Train

  • Motor: Permanent magnet axial flux DC
  • Output rating: 8.6kW
  • Batteries: Lithium-Ion pack with BMS
  • Transaxle: Oerlikon Graziano – Two step reduction

Chassis & Body

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium & steel frame. Exclusive “subframes assembled system”
  • Phosphate treatment and electro-deposition epoxy-base coating for steel parts
  • Body parts manufactured from RTM Technology (Resin Transfer Molding Process).

Mechanical Platform

  • Steering: Rack and pinion with the electric motor. Drive by wire system
  • Front suspension: Double wishbone suspension, with automotive parts and coil overs
  • Rear suspension: Rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard bar and automotive shock absorbers/coil springs
  • Service Brake: Regenerative braking system
  • Parking Brake: Automatic Electro-Magnetic & Brake Drums


  • Maximum forward speed: 24 km/h
  • ·Maximum reverse speed: 11 km/h
  • Range (up to): 60 km (depending on speed, use, etc.)
  • Seating capacity: 2 or 4 persons
  • Dry Weight (without batteries): 235 kg
  • Kerb Weight: 315 kg
  • Cargo bed size (LxW) 870mm x 570mm
  • Vehicle Load Capacity: 390kg
  • Tyre size: 205-50-10
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