We proudly announce our new low-cost automation solution aimed at small and medium manufacturers that improves productivity by focusing on staff training using Computer Vision.

The Digital Assistant for the Operators (DAFO) is a flexible and scalable software that helps manufacturers train new workers and speed up the assembly process. Our software uses Computer Vision to understand the layout of your assembly line and provides Operators with contextually-relevant step-by-step instructions to complete their work. It’s like an expert digital co-worker that follows the process in real-time and tells you what to do next.

Main solutions:

  • Training: Our Platform speeds up the training process for new operators thanks to its Computer Vision capabilities. Like an interactive tutorial, DAFO guides the operator in their tasks using images and synthesised voices in their language.
  • Guidance: The DAFO’s guidance system gives operators step-by-step knowledge to assemble multiple products and its variants. Speed the process and reduce costs.
  • Optical Inspection: The Platform can be connected to a workbench or included in a conveyor for quality control or product counting. You can verify the quality of the product throughout the process.
  • Traceability: DAFO stores product images before their last stage to ensure everything is in place correctly. Avoid assembly mistakes and missing parts.

Modules & Features:

  • Object detection: Count units in a conveyor or recognise product properties to understand it.
  • Assembly verification: Verify that all parts are placed correctly in an assembled product.
  • Barcode & QR: This module can be used in complex scenarios like manufacturing.
  • OCR: The OCR module can quickly recognise and label text and symbol characters.
  • Classification: Various parameters such as colour, shape, and size can be used to classify objects using this module.
  • Locating & counting: This module recognises and classifies the inspected objects and counts in complex scenarios.
  • Defect inspection: Determine if a trained object has imperfections.

Our sales team is happy to help you optimise your process and find the correct solution for your business. Contact us at hello@dafo.ai or call + 44 7366 385012. We’re available for sales, tech support, product demos and more. For more information visit www.dafo.ai