Drive by Wire

The BARO Drive by Wire system provides an ARM Cortex M4F processor running at 120 MHz who offer a powerful speed to process all the commands received from the main computer to move the steering wheel.

The system has a connection with 2 encoders working together to obtain the maximum accuracy to know the wheel position. The software is compatible with Arduino (with an IDE modified for this specific processor) then you can modified the steering system parameters byself or rebuild completely the software inside.

Drive by Wire for driverless cars was designed considering the redundancy system offering 2 CAN-FD compatible offerings a max speed of 5 Mbits but compatible with standard CAN-BUS using 1 Mbits of transfer rate. The technology used was considering the cybersecurity in the CANBUS backbone, offering encryption in the data transfer without compromising system speed.

The motor driver controller is powered by the VNH5019A-E driver offering a system to prevent over-voltage effectively.


Additional Information

Mechanical Specifications

  • Starting torque: 695 (8 kg.m)

  • Speed: 100 rpm

  • Current: 6.65 Amps

  • IP Motor: IP44

  • Steering box ratios allowed: Up to 4 turns (lock to lock)

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