Baro Vehicles Ltd continues to grow rapidly to place a vehicle with autonomous level 3 features and zero emissions in the compact vehicle market. We are presenting ourselves in the future of mobility, namely, compact vehicles that are autonomous, interconnected, smarter and safer.

The company is only a few weeks away from finishing the second prototype of its first BARO ONE product. We are preparing to begin with the pre-sale of the first units, which will be exclusive in the quality and level of particular craftsmanship of each of their pieces.

After the successful pre-planting round, BARO Vehicles will begin a new phase to finish the second prototype with all its certifications and the first test prototypes.

Investors who join this round will not dilute their stake in the capital in the next round.

If you are from the UK and you make an investment of £ 100,000, you can choose to become a BARO Brand Ambassador user and have one of the first 20 vehicles. Baro Vehicles Ltd will retain the ownership of these first 20 vehicles, but can use the vehicle throughout its life. These vehicles will be the first to access the updates of the autonomous system and you can test it before anyone else.

If you are interested in investing in BARO Vehicles Ltd, register on our mailing list for investors and then we will contact you directly to invite you to participate.

You can follow our croudfunding campaign through the web

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