In Baro we know that all the vehicles will become completely autonomous. Many cities are already transforming their infrastructures to allow the transit of autonomous vehicles (AV) and it is forecast that the market for AV technologies in the UK will be worth £2.7bn in 2035, capturing 4% of the £63 billion global market, according to the market forecast for CAV of July 2017 made by Transport Systems Catapult. Also, MHI Annual Industry Report found that 51% of industry executives consider robotics and automation a big competitive advantage. The companies that manufacture industrial robots and intralogistics vehicles are looking to automate their vehicles in line with the industry 4.0 market.

Baro’s autonomous system is ready to be placed in low speed vehicles in controlled environments and we’ve passed UK Governmental due diligence and been awarded a grant to help us do this. To fast-track our way forward we’re launching a new investment opportunity through convertible loan notes.

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