Robosense Perception Box is a plug-and-play LiDAR algorithm hardware platform introduced by RoboSense. Developed in compliance with mechanisms of RS-LiDAR. Embedded with RS-LiDAR-Algorithms, Robosense Perception Box requires no complicated configuration process. While paired with RS-LiDAR, users can in no speed, seamlessly integrate LiDAR perception modules to their autonomous driving architecture, realizing the dream of attaining autonomous driving LiDAR environment perception capability with a push of a button.

Activated with a single key on Web, the Robosense Perception Box will then transmit perception data on obstacle identification, classification and moving object tracking through LAN. Robosense Perception Box is embedded with RS-LiDAR data receiving, translating, and processing algorithms, thus users can easily integrate the data into an autonomous driving system without concerns on the perception data processing.