BARO Vehicles, in partnership with Calyo, has been awarded a grant to develop an innovative safety module for automated vehicles. This £1.3 million project, DRIVEN BY SOUND, represents a major advancement in the field of autonomous vehicles.

A Vision of Safer and More Reliable Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVEN BY SOUND embodies a vision to create an affordable and robust navigation system tailored to the distinctive challenges faced by automated vehicles, especially in adverse weather conditions. The project is based on innovation, safety, and reliability.

The Power of Cutting-Edge Technology

At the core of DRIVEN BY SOUND lies a high-performance computer, capable of supporting all levels of automated driving and next-generation 3D ultrasound sensors for safety and redundancy. It also has ruggedization for durability and robust cybersecurity measures.

Adaptability for Industry Leaders

A key highlight of the safety module for automated vehicles is its modular design, ensuring compatibility with system-on-ship variants from industry leaders like Qualcomm, Nvidia, and TI. This adaptability offers tailored computing power for specific applications, making DRIVEN BY SOUND a versatile and powerful solution.

Enhancing Safety and Reliability

DRIVEN BY SOUND empowers automated vehicles and platforms to execute minimum-risk manoeuvres (MRMs) and safely pull over, significantly enhancing overall safety and reliability. It marks a substantial step towards achieving Level 5 autonomy, a crucial milestone in the world of self-driving vehicles.

Support for a Safer Future

DRIVEN BY SOUND is part of CCAV’s Commercialising CAM Supply Chain Competition (CCAMSC), a program supported by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in collaboration with Innovate UK and Zenzic. This initiative aligns with the government’s mission to enhance road safety and security. The project aims to deliver a fundamental vehicle navigation system designed to operate seamlessly in all weather conditions and adapt to various vehicle types, from low-speed logistics to port movers and commercial vehicles.

Forging Collaborations in Europe

As we continue our journey towards safer and more reliable automated vehicles, we are also exploring potential collaborations with leading European bus manufacturers and mobility ventures. By expanding our reach and partnering with key players, we aim to contribute to the development of safer and more efficient public transportation systems.

A Bridge to Autonomous Vehicles

At Baro, our vision is simple: “Zero Road Accidents.” We are dedicated to fortifying the supply chain and building the bridge to autonomous vehicles. Our technology is not just about the future of automated cars; it is about ensuring today that every driver, passenger, and commuter arrives safely at their destination.

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