The era of autonomous cars is gradually approaching, but initially not to see vehicles that we can buy at dealerships.
The first stage is a hard learning stage of all the companies that are developing autonomous vehicles that should learn to work cooperatively.

Simulating the human reaction to the steering wheel is a challenge that a single company cannot solve for more resources than it has.

Lita developed by Baro aims to collect data around the planet gradually and allowing all developers in all countries to access and share improving the safety of existing vehicles to collect new data from each city and country where one-day Autonomous vehicles will travel.

The transition, the social adaptation, not only of the consumers but also of the companies that design the autonomous systems is the most fascinating challenge of teamwork that we will never have seen throughout the history of mankind.

Possibly somehow the effort made by scientists around the world to decipher the human genome is what will most resemble it in the dimension of the companies involved.

We invite the entire community of researchers, robotics developers, autonomous and automotive cars to be in LITA to build the most complete database ever built. The goal is to segment objects from each country and share it throughout all the community.

We will be able to unify the datasets and feed it with new cases of cities where a technology company has never been collecting data. Apart from that, we will use the experience of users who at the same time begin to rely on the assistance of artificial intelligence to drive a vehicle. One day those people will be prepared to accept the challenge of giving up control of the vehicle to the robot!