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A high technology fully electric and self driving car with Level 3 autonomy

BARO ONE is a compact vehicle specifically designed to transport people in private spaces such as university campuses, business parks and golf courses. Using sophisticated engineering, BARO ONE offers unprecedented levels of technology, comfort and design.

Movement in freedom with BARO

The BARO control center is the 12 “Tablet, ready to work even with full natural lighting, provides a simple interface so you can go wherever you want.
Choose a specific destination within a closed space such as a golf course or industrial park, or the resort or island you are visiting.
With all stop points quickly selectable.
With just one button you can go to the next point of the route and stop where you want.

Proximity SENSORS

BARO can park alone and avoid collisions with obstacles thanks to its 8 perimeter sensors. Additionally this allows you to move safely through spaces with obstacles.

Level 3 of automation

The power steering system can follow a predetermined route, avoid objects, and perform various aspects of driving, but with the ability to allow the human driver to properly intervene through the auxiliar joystick.

The 4 senses of autonomous system

The autonomous system of BARO is based on four senses: artificial vision, ultrasonic sensors, laser LiDar and GPS.
The four senses control different aspects of the vehicle. Firstly, they plan the route using GPS. Then they avoid obstacles by means of laser radar, and are assisted by ultrasonic sensors when the vehicle stops and parks.
The vision system enables the detection of objects in front of the vehicle, and local map updates are provided automatically as the BARO ONE is always connected.

Security and Safe driving

System to follow a predetermined path, avoid areas forbidden and prevent accidents. All the system is connected and controlled by our Artificial Intelligence Software that allows to detect objects and signals on the path.

BARO One can be configured for use in Airports, Resorts, Parks, Companies, Private Resorts. Neighborhoods and any private space.