A Bit About Us

BARO Vehicles LTD is a tech company that develops new generation machines to transport people and goods: robots with AI to replace traditional cars and vehicles. Baro was started in 2015 by Gabriel Giani as a car company of the new autonomous era.

Products designed by BARO use forefront engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance the R&D, testing and production of autonomous vehicles through the initial development of OEM products for the automotive industry, continuing with the low-speed transportation for controlled environments and evolving towards the transport of people and goods by fully autonomy electric cars.

The challenge is how to move from Traditional cars with a steering wheel to Autonomous cars without a steering wheel. Reshape the car in peopleā€™s minds.

Our R&D and test facility was developed at the Horiba-Mira Technology Park in the UK and currently continue in the Midlands.


To manufacture intelligent robots for the safe and secure transport of people and goods. We are aiming to bridge the gap between standard cars and autonomous vehicles.


Collaborate in the transformation of society’s mobility systems.

One of the challenges of modernity is Social AdaptationĀ and we want to collaborate in this revolution because we believe that the future is autonomous, green and clean.