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Our customer service is simple: your priorities are our priorities

BARO is here to help you in every step of the way, from selecting the most appropriate solution for your robot or autonomous vehicle to learning the process of implementing the pieces.

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Our technology

Intelligence in Motion

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BARO CAV Platform

The most advanced framework in the market


LITA Carrier Board

Easy deployment of AI products


LITA TM Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson

Easy deployment of AI products.

LITA Carrier Board is the most complete single-board to be used in sophisticated AI developments, providing versatility and saving plenty of time.


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Our upcoming future

Baro One

BARO ONE, our primary concept, was born from the vision of becoming part of the new automotive era.

BARO One is a transitional vehicle towards the new era of self-driving cars, a nexus that will allow end-user to experience autonomous mobility in a safe and controlled environment. But above all, we wanted to provide autonomy to let passengers have fun at relaxed places such as golf courses, private parks or certain events.

Our dream and upcoming goal is to see our City Car on the streets of big cities when the age of autonomous vehicles deploys bright. If you would like to be part of this dream as well, you can join us like investor, team member, or being part of our community.

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