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Our autonomous car platform is the most advanced framework in the market specifically designed to develop an autonomous vehicle. Firstly, a complete chassis with the ultimate engineering ready to install stand-alone software. Secondly, the chassis does not prevent the use of a steering wheel, but it includes a new human-machine interface: a joystick connected to the artificial brain for manual driving and a tablet that is the interface with the system which is how you tell it where to go.
In short, the autonomous car platform BARO CAV-P is the best solution to develop autonomous systems for the next generation of vehicles and to use as a base to manufacture low-speed autonomous vehicles. 


Typical applications for the autonomous car platform BARO CAV-P  include:


·      BARO Brain Main Computer (NVIDIA Module)


·       CAN-FD with encryption 5 mbits and compatible CANBUS with 1 Mbit/s

·      BUS Ethernet Gigabit


·       3 Cameras FLIR with SONY sensor

·       2 Radar operating at 68-71 gigahertz in front and rear connected by CAN-FD

·       Optional LiDar 16/32 Beams with 360-degree coverage from ROBOSENSE

·      GPS Ublox and IMU

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

·       Joystick connected with CANBUS

·       Tablet 12” with graphical software to show how the car is receiving the information


·       BARO Drive-by-wire system with CAN-FD interface and steering angle sensor

·       Digital Pedals to control the accelerator and brake with CAN-FD Interface and speed sensor

·       Lights controller with CAN-FD Interface


·       Overall length: 2,570 mm

·       Overall width: 1,285 mm

·       Wheelbase: 1,965 mm

·       Minimum ground clearance: 150 mm

Power Supply / Drive Train

·       Motor: Permanent magnet axial flux DC

·       Output rating: 8.6kW

·       Batteries: Lithium-Ion pack with BMS

·       Transaxle: Oerlikon Graziano – Two step reduction


·       Frame: Lightweight aluminium & steel frame. Exclusive “subframes assembled system”

·       Phosphate treatment and electro-deposition epoxy-base coating for steel parts

Mechanical Platform

·       Steering: Rack and pinion with the electric motor. Drive by wire system

·       Front suspension: Double wishbone suspension, with automotive parts and coil overs

·       Rear suspension: Rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard bar and automotive shock absorbers/coil springs

·       Service Brake: Regenerative braking system

·       Parking Brake: Automatic Electro-Magnetic & Brake Drums


·       Maximum forward speed: 24 km/h

·       Maximum reverse speed: 11 km/h

·       Range (up to): 60 km (depending on speed, use, etc.)

·       Seating capacity: 2 or 4 persons

·       Dry Weight (without batteries): 200 kg

·       Kerb Weight: 240 kg

·       Cargo bed size (LxW) 870mm x 570mm

·       Vehicle Load Capacity: 390kg

·       Tyre size: 205-50-10