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GPS with dead
reckoning, IMU

Bluetooth 5.0

CAN-FD interface to control actuators
(compatible CANBUS)

Multicam interfaces
up to 4 cameras
x 2-lane MIPI CSI-2


LITA Carrier Board is a board designed to be used in the more sophisticated robotics applications with AI, providing compatibility with NVIDIA Jetson NANO, TX2 NX and XAVIER NX. The board supplies the peripherals to have a good accuracy in terms of localization, e.g. a built-in automotive grade localization peripheral: a GPS with dead reckoning, offering an advantageous method to localise the device despite an intermittent satellite signal. A LOCOSYS GPS module (encasing an IMU) provides a gyroscope, an accelerometer. In regards to connectivity a M2.KEY B slot is to be used with a 4G/5G Modem to connect the board to the cloud, completing the communication with a Bluetooth 5.0 module. For Computer Vision the board provides Interfaces for 4 MIPI-CSI2 cameras offering an incredible opportunity to have 360 degrees to recognise objects and the CANBUS interface to communicate with the robot actuators.

Cases of Use:

Robotic Arm

Water Dispenser

Waiter Bot

Wheel Chair

Fumigation Platform

Robotic Platform

Camera Platform

Delivery Bot

Security Bot

Tracked Robot

Firefighting Robot

Robotic Supply Platform

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Compatibility • NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™, TX2 NX and XAVIER™ NX
Power Supply • 9 to 36 VDC power input via 2.5mm DC Barrel Jack Connector
• 2 pin connector for power input 9 to 36 VDC
Dimension • Board size: 137 x 65
• Weight: 300 g
Communication Interfaces • Gigabit Ethernet on an RJ45 connector
• Bluetooth 5.0
• M.2 (Key B) connector exposing PCIe x1 and USB 3.0 (usually for 4G module)
• SIM Card Slot
• 2 port USB 3.0 header connector
• CAN-FD transceiver (compatible CANBUS)
• Micro USB debug connector
• 10-pin FFC connector exposing PCIe x1 interface (when used with NX)
• 12C and SPI breakout (Pinout can be found in diagram section
Display Output • Mini HDMI video output interface
Video Input • 4 cameras input 15-pin 1mm-pitch FFC connector exposing 2 lanes CSI-2 each one (compatible Raspberry Pi camera)
Storage • Micro SD
Robotics Peripherals • GPS module with dead reckoning – Automotive Grade
• IMU MEMS – Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors – Automotive Grade
Sound Interface • 4-pin header connector exposing a mono microphone input and stereo output
Other features • RTC battery backup
• EEPROM for storing board ID/SN
• User Button – for custom usage
• Reset Button
• Recovery Button
• 4-Pin header fan connector for active cooling support
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LITA TM Carrier Board, easy deployment of AI products.

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