Thursday, November 03, 2016, Warwickshire, United Kingdom: Baro Vehicles Ltd. signed the rental contract to install its prototyping and pre-series plant in the Horiba-Mira Technology Park. The contract was signed by Terry Spall, Commercial Director of Horiba-Mira, Carlos Escudero, COO & Co-Founder of Baro Vehicles Ltd. and Gabriel Giani CEO & Founder of Baro Vehicles Ltd.

With this agreement Baro has just joined the group of major brands that are based in this park. The Board of Management of the company has decided to disembark at this nerve center because to be competitive in the automotive industry it is necessary to think broadly executing each step in a precise manner, as a piece of watchmaking and that implies generating contractual alliances like the one that ends to make the signature with this test center, alliance that will allow access to all park testing services, networking networks, suppliers and strategic distributors.

Giani said: “I feel we have started to walk a road and are about to settle in the heart of the English automotive industry. We have the great dream of participating in a new era where technology merges with the automotive industry. And there we are entering cautiously to play in the big leagues. ”

The signing of this contract marks a milestone in the history of BARO and thus begins the actual landing in the UK.