Baro is the new authorized distributor of LS LiDARs. Baro Vehicles Ltd today announced a new agreement of sales representation with LeiShen Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. This partnership will strengthen the robotization process in the UK and Europe expanding the spectrum of LiDARs that BARO offers today, adding products with greater accuracy in short distances, ideally for small robots and at the same time offering one more option for the development of autonomous vehicles.

Baro wants to act as a technical partner for clients by offering solutions for software development for the next generation of vehicles and allowing them to advance to the next level in the development of low-speed autonomous vehicles.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • New options for autonomous vehicles development and robots,
  • The deployment of LSLiDAR in the UK market with high-level technical support for customers

“We are pleased to have incorporated the LeiShen’s products to our offer, these new LiDARs integrated into our LITA Carrier board and BARO CAV Platform products, open the possibility for our customers to access an excellent and highly reliable autonomous vehicle development platform at a reasonable cost. This will help strengthen the robotization process in the UK and Europe” – Gabriel Giani, CEO of Baro Vehicles LTD. “With LeiShen’s LiDARs, we will not only be offering LiDARs for autonomous vehicles, robotaxis and shuttles but also for intralogistics vehicles and in-door robots.”

“UK is an important part of LeiShen’s global market. It is our great honour to work with BARO Vehicles and to expand the LiDAR market in the UK, and help the local  AVs,ITS, robot and mapping industries to get sensing technology with high reliability and acceptable price.” – Hu Xiaobo, CEO of LeiShen

LSLiDAR is committed to providing best-in-class service to customers in the UK, striving to differentiate itself from competitors based on technical support and it is especially at this point that Baro Vehicles becomes a nexus of value.

In addition to the products that it currently offers in its marketplace, Baro has developed several innovations such as the BARO CAV autonomous platform, the Lita Carrier board, Drive-By-Wire and the digital pedals set for autonomous vehicles,

Baro is working hard to adapt its developments to Industry 4.0, incorporating the robotics part into the automotive part and LSLiDAR is a developer that has grown gradually and is achieving a solid position in the LiDAR industry, that is why we are glad to be able to represent them in the European market.

LSLiDAR products offer scalability and flexibility. Factors UK needs to face the Global competition.


Founded in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. is a global leading provider in LiDAR and application solutions, offering stable and reliable LiDAR sensing techniques to upgrade industries.