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Is a pleasure to announce that Baro Vehicles Limited launch their autonomous platform BARO CAV for autonomous and electric cars.

The autonomous platform for autonomous vehicles was presented in the 10th Edition of Advanced Engineering at Birmingham’s NEC the last week.  Was the first presentation of the company, between the best manufacturers for the UK’s aerospace and automotive industries. 

Baro Vehicles developed the technology of the autonomous platform in Mira Technology Park. Baro is a startup that gets this first R & D achievement thanks to the important support of this international centre for autonomous vehicles. In addition, the DIT Department follows and promotes the project since it began in the United Kingdom, favouring access to an efficient supply chain and services.

BARO CAV is the best solution to develop software for the next generation of vehicles and to use as a base to manufacture low-speed autonomous vehicles.

Baro Vehicles also presented their OEM products: the digital pedals kit, the drive-by-wire system kit and the anti-collision system. Also showed the RS LiDAR 16 working on real-time, the company is the sales representative of Robosense in the UK.

Stand visitors asked about the autonomous technology and the possibilities to improve and modified the software to control the car.

Electronic under automotive standard

ASM Technologies Limited standardized the Baro CAV-P electronics under the automotive standard. The company ASM is a strategic partner of Baro who offers high-end consulting services and accompanied the startup during the event.

Around 20 universities and more than 200 prospects received information about the technology.  Many young students and graduates approached the place to know about the possibilities of joining the Baro team.

An autonomous platform, namely an Arduino-CAR

The CEO Gabriel Giani said: “It is really fascinating to be able to present what I personally call an Arduino-CAR since BARO CAV-P is a platform where students or researchers can modify both the software and the firmware of each one of the component parts. This opens a lot of opportunities for all this new evolving automotive industry, where you can adjust the software to the needs that are required.

Also, BARO CAV-P initiates a new paradigm to use the new CAN-FD that allows achieving data transmission speeds of up to 5 Mbits encrypted, leaving aside the old CAN-BUS long used in the automotive industry, but at the same time maintaining compatibility where necessary.

BARO begins its commercial stage as a platform looking to the future, ready to experiment on new technologies and design vehicles of the new era.”

You can visit know more about the BARO CAV Platform. During the next weeks, the company will be organizing a series of webinars to share more technical information for universities and interested.