Last Saturday, January 7, the first lunch of Baro’s team was held at Club House of Carlos Paz Golf Country Club, inviting all the members to a full day of emotions for being the first time that the whole group meets.

At the lunch Gabriel Giani, CEO of the company, thanked all the professionals for having trusted in the project and having worked with such dedication so that today we can see the Baro One materialized and left posed the challenge of continuing aligned looking for the highest quality and the finest level of detail to make us a firm place in the market with supreme excellence as our differential. Regarding supreme excellence, the Director and advisor of the Board of Directors Aldo Carlino left a reflection and teaching to the whole team, marking the concept of excellence and supreme quality without compromise, without constraints.

During the event the first public working progress of advances of the Prototype One of the Baro One was made and during the afternoon a cocktail was held that counted with the participation of golf referents who made their contributions and suggestions, among them Mario GarcĂ­a, manager of the golf course Lomas de la Carolina and representative of the AAG, businessman Servetto de Oncativo and Claudia Zurueta, invited by Gilberto Oliva from Carlos Paz Golf who was actively collaborating with the organizing team of the event.

This working progress made it clear that we are on the right track and we are doing things right, that path has been long and we expect a longer one but with a firm vision that is consolidated every day, 2017 will be Baro’s year and Team Baro goes for it.

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