BARO Vehicles launches its LITA Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX. It is a single board for robotics applications and is designed to be used with the Jetson line processors.

Offering technological developments, BARO opens a new division, BARO Engineering, which focuses on the commercialisation of robotics components, engineering services, implementation, and integration.

After the presentation at the Advanced Engineering in 2018, BARO decided to extract the AI computer from the robotic platform of the BARO One golf cart and re-engineer it into a modern, smart, and compact form factor. It retains all the power of its predecessor but integrates new technologies that are very much in keeping with current standards.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor robots 

The LITA Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson is considered the brain of a robot that could operate in indoor and outdoor areas. For example, if a GPS device loses its connection to a satellite in motion, the robot will continue operating, thanks to its dead reckoning technology and built-in IMU (inertial measurement unit ).

The carrier board can connect up to four MIPI CSI-2  cameras (mobile industry processor interface – camera serial interface 2) to provide a 360-degree computer vision. In terms of connectivity, it provides a high-speed and reliable PCIe  (peripheral component interconnect express) interface for wireless communication. It utilises the 3G/4G module that can be installed through the onboard M.2 B key slot. It also provides cellular data connection, which relaxes Wi-Fi constraints, and can be operated with the built-in Bluetooth module.

For AI products that need a human-machine interface based on voice synthesis, the LITA Carrier Board can integrate speakers and a microphone. This maintains bidirectional communication between the user and the robot.

Think of robots with wheels. This all-in-one board has powerful high-speed CAN bus–FD connection. It allows you to control CAN bus devices that are compatible with the traditional CAN bus protocol of 1 Mbps or the new CAN–FD technology with up to 5 Mbps.

Key features of the product:

  • Artificial vision
  • Localisation: GPS with dead reckoning and IMU
  • Communication: 4G/5G, Bluetooth 5.0
  • CAN–FD interface (compatible with CANbus) to control actuators
  • Multicam interfaces up to four cameras x two-lane MIPI CSI-2

LITA Carrier Board for NVIDIA makes peripheral integration easy

BARO has been actively participating in the ecosystem of self-driving cars through the development of our product, the LITA Carrier Board.

We challenged ourselves with developing a solution, which integrated the necessary peripherals that are fundamental in a modern autonomous vehicle. In that development process, we were faced with many challenges that you may also now be facing. For this exact reason, today we are offering this highly integrated solution to help creative people realize their ideas and facilitate the development of AI products.

When we were designing the LITA Carrier board we think of its specific destination, to be used in a robot, to be scalable, integrable, and with an incredibly small form factor that is ideal for robotics applications. We are making peripheral integration a thing of the past. LITA is the only board you will need to create an AI product with wheels. Our motto is Dream it and Build it! and making that possible today. – Gabriel Giani,   CEO & CTO of BARO, systems engineer.

Facilitating the development of robots for Industry 4.0

The pandemic has strengthened the development of artificial intelligence products, mainly those destined for logistics or Industry 4.0. The manufacturing companies implementing this technology have continued operating amidst the COVID-19 crisis and have been able to obtain a competitive advantage to face the economic catastrophe.

The crisis has forced many companies to re-evaluate their digital transformation processes and invest in these solutions to continue operating. A result of the pandemic is the current need for social distancing. For this reason, co-bots are becoming an almost essential investment in some industries where AI robotics is a necessary component in maintaining reliable operations. The LITA Carrier Board, in combination with NVIDIA Jetson, is a versatile system that can be implemented in many artificial intelligence applications.

Use cases:

  • Robotic arm platform
  • Mobile robot platform
  • Intralogistics robotic supply platform
  • Tracked robot platform
  • Camera platform, robotic survey
  • Delivery bot
  • Security bot
  • Fumigation or sanitisation platform
  • … and more

Dream it & build it! Partnership with RobotShop

BARO has decided to strengthen its banner motto: “Easy deployment of AI products. Dream it & build it!” Therefore, we launched the LITA Carrier Board through the RobotShop platform, which is one of the main international marketplaces for purchasing robotic products for developing and end-user purposes.

The link below will lead you to more information about the LITA Carrier Board and how to purchase this new product.

LITA Carrier Board: